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The sheer volume of data within the organisation can be overwhelming. Yet data alone cannot give you a competitive edge. Only by unlocking the hidden knowledge can you use data to gain insight into customers, markets, and even your own business performance. Faced with increasing competition and customer demands, many organizations are turning to business intelligence (BI) solutions to improve their decision making and business agility.

Business Intelligence Terminology

• Enterprise Reporting
• Performance Indicators
• Data Mining & Forecasting
• Trending & Analysis
• Executive Dashboards

What is BI?

Business Intelligence presents easy-to-use information directly to people where they work, collaborate, and make decisions. By bringing together data from separate sources in an organisation, people can be connected to information efficiently and effectively.

The Tools we use

As a Microsoft Partner specialising in Data Managmeent, the foundation of our business intelligence solutions is the Microsoft suite of SQL Server 2005, Office, and Sharepoint Portal Server. This is augmented as appropriate by other tools such as Intellimax Solutions.



The concept of an Executive Dashboard which summarises important data and Key Performance Indicaors (KPIs) is a useful tool for any organisation.

Prowess Development specialise in tailoring a dashboard display for different parts of the organisation.

The ability for managers and users to get ‘at a glance’ updates reduces time and assists decision making.

Typical information that is included in dashboard displays are;
• Recent sales & client activity
• Outstanding accounts
• Recent profit & sales results
• Service calls and status
• Tracking against budgets


The Prowess Approach

With more that 15 years experience in assisting organisations in better managing and understanding their data, Prowess Development have a 3 step strategy for realising the benefits of a Business Intelligence solution.

1) Data Layer
Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 we establish a solid and scalable foundation on which your BI solution can be based. By organising, referencing and linking to your existing systems, the BI solution can provide a
window into your organisation.

2) Data Sources
Get the best out of your existing systems by including them in the BI strategy for your organisation. We can interface to almost all data systems, spreadsheets and other sources. This means that you can extend the life and effectiveness of your legacy solutions while gaining the better insight of the information they contain.

3) Display & Analysis Tools
Once your data is organised we then use a variety of tools to allow users to access the information at their fingertips. By understanding the ways your organisation will utilise the system, Prowess can configure fixed reports, flexible cubes, scorecards, dashboards, and user customised spreadsheets to view your information. In addition, we specialise in integrating 3rd party BI display products such as Intellimax.


Business Intelligence Data can come from:
• Accounting Systems
• Spreadsheets
• Access Databases
• CRM Systems
• Legacy Data Sources
• Manufacturing
• Service & Operations Systems

Where do I start?

At Prowess we make introducing Business Intelligence into your organisation an easy and effective process…

• FREE initial consultation with Prowess to understand you situation
• Scoping sessions with Prowess consultant who talks to you in plain English about the needs of the organisation and designs a BI solution to suit
• We deliver  to you a clear report on your solution with a FIXED price to implement
• Prowess implement the agreed BI system
• Ongoing training, support and enhancement services.
• Click here to organise your initial consultation


Prowess also offer Web based workflow, database, and reporting applications based on Microsoft SQL and SharePoint technologies – click here to learn more about our Advanced Solutions.


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